Building Sales with Interior Elements

Builders today recognize that there is no better tool in their marketing arsenal than a professionally merchandised model home. Done well, it can attract attention, generate interest, create desire and prompt action on the part of the target market. The results: increased traffic, sales and profits!

Why merchandise instead of just decorating a model home? 

The model merchandisers at Interior Elements know that not just "any furniture" will do. Our interior designers, utilizing demographic and lifestyle data supplied by the builders, employ color, design, texture and theme to demonstrate livability, highlight architectural features, create memory points and increase perceived value. By prolonging the buyer's time in the sales environment and enhancing desire for a new home, we can  make a significant contribution to your bottom line. You can be confident that your professionally-merchandised model home by Interior Elements will represent one of your best marketing investments ever.

Elements of Our Award-Winning Services

  • Consultation on model floor plan selection and modifications.
  • Positioning of the model home to appeal to your target market.
  • Specification of all finishes–interior and exterior paint, flooring.
  • Selection of furniture, window treatments and accessories aimed at your prime prospects.

Increase Sales with a Merchandised Model

  • Demonstration of architectural features and effective space utilization.
  • Moving and installation–on time and on budget!
  • Cabinetry and appliances to differentiate your product from the competition.